How to fit the Fantasia Ceiling Fans Remote Control

How the Fantasia Ceiling Fans Remote Control Works & how to fit it.

The Fantasia Remote Control is the remote system for controlling a Fantasia ceiling fan. The unit uses wireless signals to tell the fan to turn on and off, select the speeds of the fan (usually high, medium & low) as well as controlling the light (should your Fantasia fan have one). If there is a light on your fan, then the remote will turn it on and off as well as letting you dim the light up & down. You can leave the light dimmed at a certain level for each time you activate it until you decide you want to change the brightness again.

If we open the little white box that the remote comes in, we can see there are a group of parts inside. The 2 major pieces are the handset & the receiver unit. The handset is white and has a selection of buttons on the front. There is a button for each of the speeds as well as an ‘off’ button which would stop the fan from spinning if activated. The other button on the handset has a picture of a lightbulb and this button controls the light. If the button is pressed once the light on the fan would come on at full brightness. Pressing it again would turn the light off. If you press the button and hold it down the light would start to dim downwards from 100% brightness to around 10% at its lowest. You can release the button at any point and the light would remain at this level of brightness for you. Turning the light on and off would bring the light on at the last level of brightness until you went through the process again should you decide to change the brightness.

Inside the remote controls box, usually in the same bag as the handset, is a handy little white holder that can be fixed to the wall, giving you a place to store the remote control handset when not in use. The box also contains a battery that needs to be fitted in to the back of the handset. There is a small door on the back of the handset that pops off easily. When you open this little door you will notice that there are 4 little micro switches below where the battery would sit. Before you install the battery, make a note of the positions of the 4 little switches (either up or down). Insert the battery and the handset is ready.

The receiver unit is grey and has some wires sticking out from its body. The black cable is the little aerial that sends and receives signals to and from the handset. This does not need to be visible when the receiver is fitted (it can be hidden inside the fan). The receiver fits at the very top of the fan where the fan attaches to the ceiling. This attachment is usually hidden by a metal cup on your Fantasia ceiling fan and it is in here that your Fantasia remote receiver unit will sit. 3 wires that protrude together from the receiver are orange, blue & brown. The same coloured cables also protrude from the top of your ceiling fan and can be connected to their matching coloured cables from the receiver unit using the connector block that comes with the Fantasia remote control. The green and yellow earth cable from the fan would be connected to the similar earth cable from your homes electrics using another connector block (not supplied). Your home electrics live and neutral (brown & blue) need to be connected up with the brown and blue wires protruding from the other side of the receiver unit (In the same connector block that the fans earth went in to).

To make life easier Fantasia usually put a hook on the ceiling fans fixing plate and you can use this to dangle the fantasia fan motor by hooking the hook through one of the small holes around the rim on the top of the motor. This allows you to make all the connections without having to hold the motor at the same time, which would be heavy. Obviously ensure that all the power is switched off when fitting the fan or the remote control to ensure you do not have an accident.

Once wired up the receiver can be tucked inside the ceiling fans top metal cup and the whole unit can be reattached to the fixing bracket that stayed on the ceiling.

Restore the power to the fan and press the light button the handset. The presence of the battery will be indicated by a small red light appearing at the top of the handset when the button is pressed. The light should come on. If it doesn’t then the fans light needs syncing. This can be done on a Fantasia ceiling fan by pulling the cord that protrudes from the light part of the fan (On most Fantasia fans a pull cord dangles from both the light and the fan motor itself). Pulling this cord should turn on the light and sync it to the remote. Equally you can press the high speed button on the remote handset and if the fan does not start spinning then you can pull the fan motor pull cord which will bring the unit on in to high speed mode and will sync the motor with the remote control handset as well. 

If you have any further difficulties with the Fantasia remote you can give Lightahome a call on 024 7671 7043 or if you would like to purchase a Fantasia standard remote control then you can do so on the telephone or on our website’s Fantasia remote controlorder page.