The Fantasia, Eurofan & Fantasia Elite Range of Ceiling Fans

Fantasia ceiling fans have existed as a company since the mid 1980s and over that time their range of ceiling fans has evolved to the current selection available. It is important to realise that Fantasia fans break their range in to 3 distinct, separate ranges. All 3 ranges cater for the UK market & each cover a different quality level with a warranty period suitable for each.


Fantasia's basic level of ceiling fan is branded as Eurofans and is described as Fantasia’s entry level range of fans. Eurofans tend to have a basic design with all the usual features you would expect of a ceiling fan. Though most units don’t come complete with a remote control, pretty much all can have one added as an accessory. Fantasia’s Eurofans all have a manufacturers 5 year motor warranty. It is important to understand the distinction between the basic ceiling fan models you can purchase from DIY stores and Eurofan models. Generic DIY store fans will usually only come with a one year warranty and will not have the support Fantasia offers if an issue occurs. Generic store fans will also not have supporting accessories available such as longer rods or spare parts.

The Eurofans Range is the Fantasia entry level range of ceiling fans

Fantasia Fans

The bulk of Fantasia's ceiling fans appear in their mid-range which is branded as the Fantasia range. This is the range of ceiling fans that have been around for years & have been known for their quality & performance. The Fantasia fans range offers a wide range of both traditional & contemporary designs and colours as well as a full set of accessories. Fantasia ceiling fans are of an extremely high standard of quality and reliability and come with a ten year manufacturers motor warranty as standard. Some Fantasia models come with remote controls and some do not however all can have the standard Fantasia remote control added. The Fantasia range also allows the ability to swap blade colours within a models different colour choices. These fans are suited for all rooms in the home (excluding bathrooms) and are great for conservatories.

The Fantasia range of fans introduce a higher level of quality and design

Fantasia Elite Fans

Fantasia’s top range of ceiling fan is the Fantasia Elite range. These fans are the highest quality fans available and offer features such as LED lighting, additional remote control features, such as reverse control on the remote and low energy motors. Fantasia Elite fans come complete with a 15 year motor manufacturers warranty such is the trust the manufacturer puts in to these products. Some models are higher specification versions of Fantasia fans and all come with remote controls. Elite fans all have a contemporary stylish design and make a statement. Elite fans also provide maximum air movement which is great for hotter environments such as conservatories.

The Elite Fans Range is the highest quality level of fans available in the UK