Whats so special about the Fantasia Viper Fan?

What’s so special about a Fantasia Viper Fan?

The Viper fan has been Fantasia’s flagship ceiling fan model pretty much since the turn of the century. In that time, I have seen several nice models by Fantasia come and go, such as the Emotion fan & the Omega. Unusual fan models such as the Enigma have been ground breaking but ultimately discontinued. The Viper fan is still the flagship model of Fantasia. There has to be a reason why a fan launched nearly 20 years ago is still top of the pile when so many other models have come and gone. Is it the still fresh & contemporary design or the flexibility of the colour choices and sizes that are available? Is it the fact that it has had innovative additions added to it in recent years, such as the Viper Plus version with reverse built in to the remote control?

Actually, I think it’s a little bit simpler than that. Sure, the Viper has innovative elements and looks really nice on most ceilings. Ultimately though I think what makes the Viper fan appear year after year in Fantasia ceiling fans catalogues is because it does a damn good job at being an actual fan! It has all the elements you would expect with a Fantasia model, such as the whisper quiet motor but in terms of cooling a room it still ranks up there as one of the best. The Viper in full speed is a sight to behold. I could almost argue that high speed shouldn’t be used really as its too powerful but then I do know how hot a conservatory can get so high speed can be useful. Bear in mind that a fan running at a slower speed looks more comfortable on a ceiling, makes less noise and is more efficient, then the Viper running on its medium speed suddenly looks like a very good choice.

Priced sensibly compared to newer, high end, Fantasia models, yet still the same construction quality is an added bonus. The Fantasia Viper isn’t cheap in comparison to other Fantasia’s & cheaper DIY store fans but it is priced reasonably if you are looking for quality with style. Positioned above such models like the Sigma & the Phoenix but below newer Fantasia’s such as the Aero, the Viper fan is perfect for installations in conservatories or areas that may get very hot. And that is almost the point, if you really want something to keep you properly cool you choose a Viper. If you want to make a statement with a fan then you choose a Viper. If you have gone to the effort of building a conservatory & spent a lot of money to do it then why put up a cheap fan? You choose a Viper. Other models are suitable for different installations like small rooms, but the Fantasia Viper fan really ticks so many boxes.

When you fit a Viper fan you really know you have bought a fan. Its construction really reassures you that you have bought a quality product. Admittedly all Fantasia fans have this feel of quality but there is something about this particular model that reassures you that your money is well spent.

All in all, the Viper fan still feels fresh as it did when launched but what really has stood the test of time is all the practical things that a quality fan should do.

One thing we pride ourselves on at Lightahome is only selling you the model of ceiling fan that we think is right for your installation. If we believe that a cheaper fan model would be more suitable then that is the one that we would recommend. Lightahome stock all versions of the Fantasia Viper Fan on our shelves but if you’re not 100% sure if the Viper is right for you then give us a call on 024 7671 7043 & we would be happy to talk through all the suitable options available to you.