Adding a light kit to a Fantasia ceiling fan

Adding a light kit to a Fantasia ceiling fan

One thing that we seemed to get asked a lot by our fan customers is how do I attach my light to my ceiling fan. Light kits can be purchased separately for Fantasia fans but sometimes they also come complete with their fans but have to be attached when the fan is being installed. Fan light kits can be added to Fantasia ceiling fans years after the original fan was installed so it can be a little confusing. Fortunately, the process of fitting a light to a Fantasia ceiling fan is pretty simple. I would imagine the process is very similar for other makes and models of ceiling fans around the world however I have to say that we have Fantasia to thank for how easy it is to do on their own fans as they really have gone out of their way for us.

Most fan models that will accept a light kit (which is pretty much all fans that don’t already come with a light) have a circular box that hangs below the fan. This circular box contains all the wiring and connections that the ceiling fan needs to operate correctly. It is this that the new light kit will usually attach to. The very bottom of this circular box is a lid that can be removed easily by undoing 3 screws around its base. Once off don’t discard this base as you will need it in most cases.

The circular box hanging below the fan is where the light kit attaches to. The very bottom of this is a lid that can be removed by undoing 3 screws around it

Your new light will either have a threaded bar coming out of the centre at the back or it will have a very similar circular base to the one removed from the fan a moment ago. Either way both types of light are wired to the Fantasia ceiling fan in exactly the same way. A Fantasia fan light will always have 2 cables coming from it. One being blue and one being orange. Luckily for us within the mass of wires you can see inside the ceiling fan (under the lid you removed) we can also find a blue and an orange cable and these 2 cables are the only ones that can be connected up to something. All the other cables are pre-connected to others and can’t be adapted. The cables from both the fan and the light kit both have simple push connectors on their ends so it’s a simple matter of pushing the orange cables together and pushing the blue cables together. Don’t do this just yet though.

The threaded bar on the back of a light kit and the orange & blue push fit cables that connect to the fan

Firstly, it’s a matter of attaching the light to the ceiling fan plate. If the light kit has a threaded bar protruding from the back of it, then this can be fitted down the middle of the original lid you took off the circular box on the ceiling fan at the start (make sure you push the orange and blue cables through first and also unscrew the nut and washer at the bottom of the threaded rod as well). There is usually a little plug in the centre of the lid that you can push out to expose the hole. The lid will simply thread down the bar on the back of the light to the bottom. The washer and nut can be slotted over the orange and blue cables and can be tightened down the threaded bar to secure the light to the plate. The orange and blue cables can now be connected to the matching ones from the fan.

If the back of your light resembles the plate you removed from the circular box on the fan at the start, then you can go ahead and just connect the brown and blue cables as described above.

The alternative light kit doesnt have a threaded rod and replaces the lid you removed from the fan. Note how the base of the light is the same shape with the same screws as the plate removed from the bottom of the fan.

All that is left is to attach the light physically to your Fantasia fan. In both cases the light fits back on to the circular box and once you have checked that no wires are trapped between the lid and the circular box you can use the original 3 screws to reattach the unit to the fans circular box and the light is now fully attached to your Fantasia ceiling fan.

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