Bedroom ceiling fans. Things to consider. Part 2

Obviously a ceiling fan installed in a bedroom is usually going to be installed above a bed. This by itself causes a health and safety concern as the space between the lowest point (the bed) and the fan blades, which let’s face it are the bits that do the damage when you touch them, is significantly reduced. In this scenario a flush fitting fan is vital. Unless your bedroom ceiling is very high you are probably going to want a fan that hugs the ceiling as much as possible. Fortunately there are plenty of fans available that are designed in this way. Something like the Fantasia Mayfair fan is ideal as it has a very low overall depth. Whether you want lights on your ceiling fan also has a bearing on this as it can affect the overall depth. This factor is another reason to steer clear from cheaper DIY models as these are usually shipped in in large quantities and will often try and cover as many desirable options as possible, one of which is a drop rod. A cheap ceiling fan on a drop rod will not be able to convert to a flush fitting fan whereas Fantasia produce ceiling fan flush mounting kits for some of their models if you want a fan tight to the ceiling.

The Fantasia flush kit allows certain drop rod ceiling fan models to be converted to flush fitting fans

The last thing to consider when fitting a ceiling fan in a bedroom is a remote control. Even if the model of fan that you are considering doesn’t come with a remote you can pretty much always install one. Don’t underestimate the misery of having to get up in the middle of the night, turn the light on so you can see the fans pull cords to activate it & then go through the hassle again to turn it off if you get too cold. Reaching across to a fan remote in the night and pressing a simple button to activate the ceiling fan, change its speeds & turn it off again makes a massive difference. I’ve always thought that when it comes to a ceiling fan in a bedroom, the easier and more comfortable things are the better. After all it’s about being relaxed and sleeping.

With all these things in mind I think the best advice when installing a bedroom fan is to take your time and consider all the options. If you need to then speak to people who already have ceiling fans in their own bedrooms to gauge their opinions and advice. These people are often the best source of information. You can always seek advice from experts within the industry as well such as manufacturers and reliable retailers such as Lightahome who will 
always advise you on the products that are ideally suited for an installation as important as in a bedroom. If you would like to speak to someone for a bit of advice then feel free to call us on 024 7671 7043, email us ( or visit our Facebook page (