Choosing a ceiling fan to fit above a bed in a bedroom

Choosing a ceiling fan to fit above a bed in a bedroom

One thing that can be said of homes throughout the UK is that each one differs from the other. We make it our business to turn our houses in to our homes, making them reflect our personalities and adding comfort to our daily lives. One way people add comfort is to install a ceiling fan, particularly in their bedroom. A cool breeze across a bed can offer perfect conditions for sleeping in a stuffy room however there is often an issue when fitting a ceiling fan in a bedroom. Ceiling heights can often be quite low, particularly in new build modern houses and placing the fan above the bed, which is where the optimal position would be, only reduces the height to the blades further.

Most modern ceiling fans come fitted with drop rods which by their nature don't work very well when height is limited. Ideally what is required is a flush fitting ceiling fan. Essentially if you are going to install a fan in a bedroom your primary concerns are that you won't catch yourself on the blades and that the fan is quiet enough for you to sleep. With these things in mind I wouldn't really consider a cheaper DIY store model. When the fitting environment is as important as above a bed then I would always purchase quality over cheap. Quality doesn't mean that you have to pay a small fortune. Something like the Fantasia Capri fan would be more than adequate.

The Capri fan measures 36 inches in diameter which is more than adequate when placed above where you are going to sleep. As you would expect with a Fantasia fan, the Capri is whisper quiet so motor noise will never be a problem. What makes the Capri fan perfect is the fact that it only measures 16cm from the ceiling to the blades, which after all are the parts you want to avoid. When you consider that most new build properties have ceiling heights of approximately 230cm, you can start to see why the Capri would be a good option. With the combi light attached (on the combi version) the fans height is 34.6cm. The blades still remain at just 16cm from ceiling level & the lowest point is the bottom of the glass.

Installation of the Capri is very simple, by means of screwing the fixing plate in to a suitable fixing point such as a joist. Wiring is very simple (full instructions are enclosed) & the fan unit is then fixed to the fixing plate. If you are concerned about the strength of your fixing then you can always consider using an additional support such as a Fantasia big strip fastener. Another option to consider would be the Fantasia Mayfair Fan. This model is almost the bigger brother of the Capri, measuring 42" in diameter & differing slightly in design. The Mayfair combi has smaller glass shades than the Capri and really does hug the ceiling with a very limited drop. Like the Capri, the Mayfair can have a remote control fitted, which is often a good choice for a bedroom as it negates the need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to pull any pull cords. The larger diameter is also advantageous as it allows a slower speed selection to create the same air movement as a smaller fan running faster. This creates a more relaxing and quieter experience.

You can view both the Capri fan and Mayfair fans on our website and if you would like more advice on fan choice and fitting a fan in a bedroom you can call us on 024 7671 7043 & ask for Dave.