The new Fantasia Ceiling Fans 2018/2019 Catalogue is out! First thoughts

The new Fantasia Ceiling Fans 2018/2019 Catalogue is out! First thoughts

At the time of writing this it might seem a little ironic that its minus 3 outside, snowing and I’m writing a blogpost about the brand new Fantasia Ceiling Fans catalogue, which came out today. Not really the type of conditions that shout out ceiling fans and the cooling properties of the new range by Fantasia. It is however the perfect time to sit down, put the kettle on and look through what’s new this year.

The new Fantasia ceiling fans catalogue for 2018/2019 is out now!

First the formalities. It’s a nice catalogue with additional information added this year, such as handy abbreviations to point out what type of mounting each fan has. The layout seems simpler this year and Fantasia seem to have focussed more on the factors that actually make their products stand out from their competitors. The front cover happily tells us about the fact they are quiet, reliable, eco-friendly and help with a good nights sleep. These are all things that we have known for a while but it’s good to see Fantasia actually shout about it.

In terms of the ceiling fan range there are 3 new additions and it’s nice to see that Fantasia seem to have put real thought in to their new fans. In recent years Fantasia have focussed on upgrading existing models to LED ceiling fans but these new fans really seem to have freshened up the range. What I like at first glance however is that they have not been added for addings sake. Each new fan seems to fit an area in the marketplace that has been crying out for something new.

The Fantasia Kompact Fan

It’s industry standard to recommend as big a fan as possible so it can be run in slow mode and thus be quieter at night, but this is all very well if your room will accommodate a big fan. Just because your room may be small, or you may want a fan for a box room in your home, doesn’t mean you should be omitted from having one. In recent years the Eurofans Atlanta has attempted to fill this void, albeit nearer the cheaper end of the market, which is why it is nice to see the Fantasia Kompact fan. The Kompact looks like a dinky little fan but being part of the standard Fantasia range, you know it is manufactured to a very high standard. Available in 2 colours (white & brushed nickel) Fantasia have played it safe, but I don’t blame them. Fantasia will expect big things of this little fan & I would be surprised not to see that. Pull cord operated as standard it can have a remote added as an accessory, but what I like about this fan is the fact that it has a dedicated integrated LED light (18W). The fact that it is dual mount also really opens up the opportunities for the Kompact to fit in a lot of rooms. Having an overall diameter of only 28 inches, this new fan still creates a generous 4280 cubic feet of air per minute. It’s refreshing to see a manufacturer think about the little rooms for once, as they often get just as hot as the large ones.

The new Kompact fan finally gives us an option of a quality ceiling fan for small rooms

The Fantasia Elite Prima Fan

Page 8 of the new catalogue introduces us to the Fantasia Prima fan. Being part of the Elite range of fans tells us this is a top of the range model with all the usual expectations, such as a 15 year motor warranty. 2 things instantly stick out to me with this new ceiling fan. Firstly the simplicity of the design. This is not a fussy fan. Unlike previous models that have come and gone, such as the Omega and the Delta, the Prima has done away with any unnecessary styling or trimmings around the motor housing. This is a quality fan and it doesn’t need any frilly bits to show it. In a fast moving modern world, this is a simple and stylish looking fan. What really attracts me about the Fantasia Prima is the fact that along with the tried and trusted white & brushed nickel versions, Fantasia have stuck their necks out and created a natural iron version which works really well. The walnut blades really set this new colour off but just in case they are not your thing, there is a Canadian walnut finish on the other side. Available in a 42” & 52” and dual mount (flush fit or drop rod) the Prima really does tell me that Fantasia ceiling fans really have understood how important it is to cater for as many installations as possible.  When fit flush without the rod the Prima’s overall height from ceiling to lowest point is only 280mm! Don’t be surprised to see a 52” Fantasia Prima fan installed on a drop rod in a conservatory as well as a 42” version fitted flush to the ceiling of a moderate sized bedroom. The Prima is a quality fan for all locations. Perfect as a fan for low ceilings or as a large ceiling fan.

The new Prima can be both small & large as well as tight to the ceiling or dropped. A modern fan for a modern world

The new Prima fan is available in white, Nickel & Natural Iron colours

The Fantasia Islander Fan

The last of the new 2018/2019 models by Fantasia ceiling fans is the Fantasia Islander fan. This new model of ceiling fan is really unique for this manufacturer. Taking a step away from the usual fixing brackets you would expect from Fantasia, the Islander is a sleeker more refined model. This ceiling fan has clearly been designed with conservatories in mind and the fanning of the top cowl has an almost colonial feel to it. Again, Fantasia have taken a risk with the finish opting for a hammered black colour with walnut blades, but I think this only enhances the classy look. There was a gap in the market for this type of fan and Fantasia have filled it well with the Islander. This is a high quality, domestic version of the traditional commercial fan that is so often inquired about by people looking for a simple three bladed option. I like the curves on the end of the blades & attention to detail really shows here with 13 layers of timber used on each one. The fact that the motor housing and canopy are die cast only further reinforces Fantasia’s desire to fill this area of the ceiling fan market with a really high quality option. The Islander doesn’t have a remote option, instead coming with a wall control, but this doesn’t surprise me. I wouldn’t expect to see this new fan in bedrooms. This is the fan that conservatories and commercial applications, looking for a high end product, have been waiting for. At 52” diameter and generating 7600 cubic feet of air per minute I would expect this model to go down well both domestically & commercially. I also like the fact that Fantasia have included both a 12” & 30” drop rod in with the fan & unlike the cheap commercial fans, longer rods are available as well we are assured.

The new Fantasia Islander fan has a colonial feel married with high quality construction. Perfect for both commercial & domestic installations

Other new additions in the Fantasia fans catalogue include a new matt-white version of the Fantasia Aero fan to compliment the original pearl white version and various upgrades of existing fans to full LED without the need to replace a bulb. All in all I’m really impressed with this years new additions & pleased that some areas of the ceiling fan market have been addressed.

If you would like a copy of the new 2018/2019 Fantasia fans catalogue then you can give Lightahome a call on 024 7671 7043 or visit our Facebook page to request one. The complete Fantasia range is available now on our website.

(All the above new models are available from approximately May 2018. For pricing details or to place pre-orders please give us a call)